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EQUIMO provides enhanced perspective on your training

EQUIMO supports your feelings

When we ride, we try hard to feel what is going on. But feelings can be deceiving. We feel progress only after significant improvements. We feel irregularities often when it is too late.
EQUIMO sensor will support your feelings with data, diagnostics, and insights to make your training more efficient.

EQUIMO helps you train better

EQUIMO comes with an intuitive app. You will always see where you have improved and which areas need attention. It keeps all your horses, trainings and other activities in one place. This way, you always make informed decisions and prepare yourself in the best possible way.

Keeps your whole team in the loop

Build your team, share your results and communicate with your coach, groom, vet, sponsor and others in one place. Have your coach’s feedback on the training session ready before you take the saddle off your horse. With EQUIMO you can ride like your coach is always there with you!
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