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EQUIMO started in the minds of riders

With a long, distinguished tradition and specific features, horse riding is a wonderful pursuit but also a bit of a mystery to those unfamiliar with it. This could be why, compared to other sports and professions, horse riding was until recently quite unaffected by the opportunities that new technologies offered.

EQUIMO is the result of our passion for equestrian sport and, like many evolutionary products, it all started as an attempt to solve a problem.

When we train, ride and care for our beloved horses, we follow our heart, feelings and experience - which is great, of course. But we think we could do so better. We believe that if you want to achieve your goals, it’s important to be able to measure what you do, analyse it, and learn from it.  

So, we came up with a solution. And because we’re just like you, we put every effort into designing a product that even the most traditional, technology-averse rider would be comfortable using.

We’re here to help you get better results

Our goal is to provide all riders with useful data and recommendations that help them to train more effectively, improve performance and to understand better their horses’ needs. We designed a unique tracking device and application with advanced analytics...

...Keeping in mind three fundamentals:

Ease of use
you can carry EQUIMO® in your pocket and start using it right now, because you keep using a product only when it’s user-friendly.
Meaningful data
to show you only what matters, in a simple way, because too much analysis leads to paralysis.
Team communication
for sharing your activities and results and interacting with the whole team, in one place, because teamwork matters.

We are pro riders, equestrian enthusiasts, innovators, engineers
and product designers

We’re an international team of people with different backgrounds and experiences, and many of us are passionate riders ourselves. We all love our work and are united by a common vision: to make valuable innovations in equestrian sport.

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