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We worked hard to build a product that would be really easy to use. You can start measuring your training sessions quickly, with no work required from you or your horse.
compatible only. Android is coming soon.
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Bank-level data security
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Designed for ease of use

A handy little device with a universal patented attachment system that will give you all the data you need for seriously improving your training session efficiency. We developed the tracker to be small, light, wireless, and easy to use.
Track gait, pace, imbalance, intensity ...
Damage-proof and
splash-resistant case
Wireless, portable and light (69 grams)
40-hour battery life
when fully charged


Clip & Ride
40-hour battery life


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With Dashboard, you can see last training sessions or start a new one. This is your starting point in the EQUIMO® app.
List of training sessions
A complete list of training sessions of all the horses in your stable. You can filter them by horses.
Training detail
See in one place all the data about the training sessions you’ve tracked, including comments from your team.
Intuitive graphs as part of information about the training sessions, visualising the flow of your training sessions.
Zoomed graph
You can expand each of the graphs to see the details.
User Profile
This is your profile, where you can view information about, for example, your team, or the horses in your stable.
Horse profile
A detailed profile of the horse, with an overview of the average values from all the training sessions that you’ve tracked.
You can plan the activities or see the history of all the training sessions, on a monthly or daily basis.
Calendar: day view
Day view, with planned or completed activities.
You can find it in the upper left-hand corner of your Dashboard. Get the news and updates from the Equimo team.

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